Wednesday, 11 February 2009


i have nothing but " :-) " to say for the day.. talked to a dear friend after a long, long time.. felt awesome! words are not the measure of how happy i am right now (hope the sentence is correct.. grammatically! :P).. its just a feeling! :-)

hmm.. btw, me and vandith went to the "69th Nampally Industrial Fair" at Exhibition Ground, Nampally, Hyderabad (ob!).. WHAT a place, WHAT an atmosphere! and WHAT items, i mean food items lol..

first we had, mirchi bhaji, then papdi samosas, then egg puff (paneer, in vandith's case) and finally
1) the "haleem"--we didnt order non veg, it was some veg dish.. dunno how or what it was made of, but it was awesome!
2) the "qurbani"-- it was some sweet--made of dates, honey, and gulkand (too tired to find out the english word for it, if any... and anyways.. as i say.. English ppl dont eat gulkand-which i assume of course!- so there should not be any word for it!)... it was Godlike.. never before has such a small amount of ANY sweet satisfied me to the extent the Qurbani did tonight.. for those who can relish it somehow, PLEASE do asap.. u're missing something in ur lives..!!

and to cap it all, as i mentioned.. got to talk to the friend.. an awesome day indeed!

btw.. while we were at the Exhibition Ground, one thing i noticed--we were outnumbered at least 10 to 1, maybe more, by the so called "minority" people.. not that i am complaining, but it was different, to listen to the Hyderabadi Hindi of theirs (which is not very different from our own Aurangabadi Hindi!), plus all the small small kids wandering about.. btw this reminds me, we had the Candy Floss too!! it was too good..!! after all, we're still kids! ;P
plus.. the women folk, burqua clad, with just the eyes visible to us.. eyes, that were beautiful.. so beautiful we dont even need to see their faces.. wow! as they say... "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"... umm.. not sure how exactly i want to apply this here... waste attempt @ cracking a PJ.. :D (btw, no disrespect meant to anyone here.. and nothing wrong in praising beauty i feel)

BTWWWWWWWWW...jus remembered we went to a "Khadi Gramodyog" shop at the fair, and there was this "head massager" that that guy was begging us to check out.. a man-operated instrument, mechanical, not electrical or electronic.. made of things (dont wanna explain this now!).. he just took it, and said to me.. try this out.. i was like, okay.. then, as soon as the thing touched my head.. all it did was, tickle me like hell! all tickle glands (are there any?!) ke gates were opened, and i was almost uncontrollable.. he did it once more, and i was, well, i wasn't there.. i had to run away and laugh (in the store, uncontrollably!).. OMFG.. one of a kind experience!! (not laughter, but the ticklish feeling!!)
then, vandith said to him... i can control laughter or something of the sort... and after he had the experience... we both went cant-find-a-suitable-adjective-i-am-short-of-them!! ;)

well, even this (along with the Haleem and Qurbani), if u get a chance, do experience... once in a lifetime! just that we were both by ourselves, as in had it been a group, of close friends.. it could've been much, much more fun.. not that we didnt have PHUNNN... but... as they say.. The more the merrier!!

anyways.. gtg.. early @ office tomo! >.<

cheers! to one of the happiest days in recent memory! :D

Monday, 9 February 2009

blah blah..

blah.. blah.. and some more blah blah..

wanted to write something.. so.. here it is.. cant think of any topic.. not in the mood, state.. too sleepy.. office tomorrow!

Saturday, 7 February 2009


P.S.- the answer to the "Should I/Should I not??" blog i'd posted about a month ago i think.. :-)
Questions.. the possibilities are endless! even i haven't zeroed in on one particular yet!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Humor amongst ourselves ;)

During our lunch, one of the funniest incidents for days happened today. goes as follows:-

Me and Beti were almost done with lunch, just the banana was left, one for each.. so i was about to take the skin off, and see Beti do the same.. after some 2-3 seconds, it was almost off it, but suddenly, before he could peel it off fully, the banana kinda broke off, from the base- where he was holding on to the fruit..

"beti ka kela toot gaya"-- is what i said, and we went bonkers.. with some 4 people on the same table as us (including 2 girls), we went totally mad.. one of the best one-liners for me in recent times, maybe others wont feel the awesomeness of it, but it was Godlike, in its timing, and the way we laughed, omg!

then again.. we went to our office- well not exactly an office, but a room where along with us both, there's a few others we share it with..

Beti drew 2 Paint drawings, and we were taking snaps using our mobiles, when a co-worker (who's quite senior!) sees us do this and says he'd mail it on our mail IDs.. but since we dont have internet facility @ our comp in office (long story- later), he tried using his account, started typing the username, and one click, and what comes up is this:-

" m2lega@ch**"

u know, it comes na, the usernames which've been typed earlier..

and i was like.. "beti ye tune kya kiya!!!" and that laughter was the hardest we've suffered for a long, long time.. imagine this, and u'd know.. OMFG!
(btw, non-BITSians, plz dont post comments asking explanations--SMS me if necessary. i know my blog is "adult content" but i havent lost all decency!)

btwbtw.. went @ gagan's.. needless to say.. majjjjjaani life :)

chalo.. sleeping.. :)

P.S.--my last blog, i guess it seems out of the blue- impulsive, not thought about.. but no, i've thought about it all a great deal before making it public.. hope point is taken by those who it is intended for... chao!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The subtle art of ignoring

hello again! lately some of my friends have acquired and mastered, the art of ignoring me.. it is either that, or.. well it has to be that, since it applies to gtalk, calls, SMSs, sometimes e-mails also.. guess what.. it has happened before, ppl not answering my calls etc.. but at least they had the courtesy to at least get back in touch and tell me they were held up in some work.. today the scene is bad.. i call some people, its either "waiting", or unanswered. if i send an SMS, it is either replied late to, or ignored altogether.. dunno why this is happening to me, maybe i fell short somewhere..but now i've decided, i'm not going to try anymore.. let them be busy.. i'll manage.. :)

btw.. i take this opportunity to apologize to all those who were on the receiving end of such atrocities (believe me, it IS atrocious! not being able to get in touch with someone who u're desperately seeking out for, especially those who were your "life" just a few weeks ago--note the usage of the word "were").. i know i've not exactly been the perfect friend.. but hey, there's always room for improvement! :-) love u all... and to think i told the ppl that i mentioned here (in this para) that i'd be busy with those mentioned above (in the first para), for the past dunno how many months.. real bad on my part! :|

but again.. the real close friends, even when not in touch for months together, hit it off as if nothing was between them ever! and thats the best part.. and even discounting a few, i still have enough close friends, to turn to.. and m proud of this fact, altho losing friends is bad.. to hell with it! i think if distance is gonna come between any relationship, be it friendship or anything, then that relationship isnt worth a rat's arse.. ;)

to all my close friends..
lots of love,
KK/Kautya (depending on whether ur from BITS or pre-BITS).

+919052220416-ANY fking time u need me.. and be prepared for the same! :-*

P.S.-u can delete my old number, R.I.P. +919881467798.

u know.. i'm losing touch with one liners, so dont be surprised to find all my blogs to be a bit boring (as if anyone reads this shit except me!), mainly due to short-term attacks of loneliness or due to the tiring schedule.. isnt gonna be at its humorous best for a long time now! and only the company of vandith et al keeps me in check here.. else i'd've been a sea of tears!

well.. off for the time being.. be right back, tomorrow!

Monday, 2 February 2009


i want to write about MANY things.. the most important of which is the BITSAA Hyderabad Chapter meet that we attended last Saturday. it was THE place to be.. kinda saw our future selves, as in dunno who all will turn up at such meets.. but i for one will surely be there! it was classic, and i for one am proud of the fact that i'm a BITSian.. it was like a family getting together after loooong, and they certainly seemed interested that we were there even when doing our PS2 and the fact that we're from Goa.. guys, those who dont know it yet... BITS Alumni LOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoVE Goa, were excited to hear ki we're Goans.. asked abt the campus, if they could get help for acco should they visit etc.. well.. i'd go on writing.. but just the gist of it--BITSAA is a biiiiiiiggg family, and i'll proudly be a part of it (officially :P) soon enough! :-)

umm.. rest.. someone told me i should call up a friend, who i am mad at (supposedly!for almost 3 weeks now.. :D ), over the weekend.. but it just so happened, that there was this BITSAA meet on Sat evening (unluckily, we have holiday just the 1st and 3rd Sat!), and Sunday i was with my relatives.. uncle's and aunt's (both mom's second cousins, and they're first cousins of each other).. awesome food i got to eat, after almost 3 weeks!!
was thinking when to call, pondering whether it'd be a good idea to call from a crowded bus, but then realized that we haven't exchanged our new mobile numbers yet.. so.. chillax! ;) back to being angry :P

anyways, chalo.. Monday again, back to work (with pastime embedded in between!)!! \m/

Saturday, 31 January 2009


intended to write one last night but couldnt.. saw Arundhati-a Telugu horror movie.. good one actually, nothing dhinchak like the normal ones.. the actress looked graceful in the saree, and equally bad in modern clothes (double role).. sonu sood (the ghost-cum-villain) was good too.. altho i thought the editing was only so-so.. but overall, a worth watch movie, even for a non-Telugu-ite..

also, the night before, when we went to meet gagan, didnt write much cuz i had no words to describe how it felt.. it was awesome! exactly like campus, back then-- sitting some place by the road, chatting, laughing (hysterically, in my case!) like no one's around (had to refrain from it later on, cuz ppl might've gotten scared, or worse, angry!), the never-ending PJs and theories (i'm Vandith's apprentice here.. he is God!), and gagan calling me "mote".. lolz! i guess she's the ONLY one in the world who calls me mote.. btw.. even tonight, i still dont have any words, these are just the incidents that i'm mentioning.. :-)

tomorrow, its the BITSAA Hyderabad Chapter meet.. hoping for it to be awesome! :)

btw.. what got me into writing this post is, Rage. u know, the animal inside of me (well, most ppl @ BITS are unaware of this fact.. plays to my advantage innit?! just FYI, if u see my ears really red, assume that i'm super-uber-mad.. cos i know for a fact that they get red, plus i even feel the heat in my ears!!!) what happened was (has happened earlier too.. but i lost my patience this time!), we were returning from work, in an auto rickshaw, a shared one.. the rickshaw walla takes 3 ppl at the back, and 2/3/4 ppl beside him (avg = 3, excluding him of course)... and whenever some female comes, he asks one of the passengers who're seated behind to come join him at the front.. what i fucking don't understand is.. where the fuck is all the "equality" that females keep talking about?! they go bonkers about sexism, that people are biased against the fairer sex etc etc... if u want equality, then be prepared for everything!! they want equality in education, in politics, in every bit of life as they can imagine, but what about the auto incident!!!

never have i seen a female tell the auto walla confidently, that No Bhaiyya, i'm prepared to seat beside u.. these girls roam about in expensive, even revealing jeans-tops sometimes, and arent prepared to sit in a clumsy place?! i mean, okay, i can understand that there are some people who are arseholes, who try to get physical with women, more so with the modern girls who like to leave so little for imagination.. but i strongly oppose Mrs. Shobhaa De's thoughts here.. she's one person, who says that ALL men, no one excluded are Pigs, who just want to jump on to women all the time, like a hunter on to the prey.. she, and her daughters faced situations it seems.. but, while reading an article of hers in The Indian Express (or The Week) some years ago, (it inevitably was against Men!), she mentioned about some incident-it goes as follows---

her daughters it seems went out, to a mall or something.. with friends of course.. and they had to face an incident, some men (as far as i remember, some daily wages workers, doing some repair work @ the mall) passed lewd comments or something, dont remember exactly.. and it seems they were drooling over the (poor!) girls.. and FYI, she clearly mentioned that the girls had gone out in "quite" modern clothes..
one more indicent--she said, some guy in a nearby building used to use his binoculars to get a "clearer" view of the girls, as in of their rooms..

now, just like we cant blame ALL Muslims for terrorism, we simply CANNOT assume that all men are pigs, who like to prey on the poor li'l women's souls! why cant Mrs. De digest this simple fact! and i fail to understand how the Mr. De lives with such idiotic, psychotic women in the house! i'd rather do something, drastic for that matter!!

this brings me back to the more day-to-day scenario.. these days, when there's women pilots in india, women bus-conductors, women auto drivers, women police, hell women who're practically running the show (i.e. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mrs. Sheila Dixit, et al), why is there the need to take resort to the "traditional" i'm a butterfly, dont hurt me view as and when needed? where is all the equality gone now, huh?!!

the reason i'm writing this is, i was asked to move from the back seat, when there WAS one place for the lady concerned, but seems her husband was with her (some guy it was).. i told the auto walla, bhaiyya ek jagah hai, lady wahan baith jayegi.. again he says with frustration lady seat hai aage aa jao.. i mean.. bullshit! what'd've happened if the lady'd've sat beside me and the husband in the front? i for one wud surely not have eaten her up! plus, my complaint is, i cant FIT into the front part, with such less legspace... my head bumps into the roof for every little stone the auto crushes, and also my knees bump into the auto-part-which-i-cant-describe-in-words.. and it bloody HURTS! (not to mention, the smoke/dust worsens clothes faster when seated in the front!)

so now.. the conclusion i've drawn is...

wait for it... :P

"women themselves are the most sexist beings"

don't u agree? i mean, i respect women a lot, have respected women a lot since birth (leave aside a few who dont deserve respect!), but this is the fact.. they themselves are sexists, and i for one, hate (irrational) feminists more than anything.. its okay if one saves a female who's being tortured by her dumbass husband, or any such oppressions-physical of psychological.. but to demand equal jobs, to demand equal pay scales, to demand reservations, hell, to demand "fighting @ a war front, mano-a-mano", but yet, be so unequal at will.. awesome, isn't it? well done!!

btw.. what i really wanted to say to the husband in the auto was, itni sone jaisi biwi hai to ghar mein rakha kar.. but no, we HAVE to be decent at all times, even when there's all kinds of random people around! well.. yeah.. THAT my dears, is life!

now u tell me.. who's sexist here?! me, or the 10s of different women i've travelled with, who want all equal rights, but wont sit in front!

maybe its just a trivial non-significant issue, but as they say, charity begins at home...

P.S.-- just remembered.. there's also a ladies' reservation in the bus.. so, when there's a seat vacant, some men obviously grab the opportunity and occupy the reserved seats.. now when a female boards the bus, she's like.. "whats the sonofabitch doing in a ladies' seat"?!! it CLEARLY says on their facial expressions, trust me.. and yet, there's the odd female who's seated somewhere at the back, NOT ON A LADIES' RESERVED SEAT.. who's to tell her to get the hell off the seat! if someone says so.. the expression goes "where does this guy come from? doesn't he have the slightest decency/courtesy! for God's sakes, i'm a woman, in a bus full of males (read pigs) all around!"... trust me!

all i'd like to say to all Feminists (in particular, illogical ones and Mrs. De in particular) to shove it up theirs! and SHUT THE FUCK UP! :-/

btw,, yesterday just happened to be my father's birthday, and one of the more memorable ones lately.. apart from the aforementioned fact, some good news (is it newses?!! lolz!) of the day--

well.. its confidential.. so chuck.. haven't asked the concerned people whether to publicize it just yet!! (God forbid should they sue me, i'll lose all my (hopeful) future earnings!)

some funny incidents--
for dinner, me and vandith decided to go out.. went to a place, "Veg Buffet @ Rs. 75/-" it turned out to be real ordinary, not worth 25 bucks if u ask me.. then checked some local dhaba, te ambience was real bad there.. then went to a hotel "veg thali @ Rs. 50/-" which was only for lunch they said.. still, we decided to try the place out (had to avoid the Pizza Hut and Domino's etc, too much spending >.< ).. so we have a table, but surprisingly there's NO one but 3-4 waiters there.. so we decided, since the place is not so well to do, maybe we shouldn't try it.. plus, who knows when they'd've bought the vegetables etc with so less customers! so we were in a fix-whether to leave directly, after having gulped down a glass of water each, or just give one waiter a 10 rupee note and leave, or order something light and leave.. we decided to order Aalu paranthas.. two.. got em packed, and 40 bucks it was! left much to the astonishment of the waiters! lolz.. then, there was a place we went past, kinda not so good, but earlier we'd pondered going inside.. the second time.. when we were passing by, i say to vandith "vandith, jab din mein ek baar kat chuka hota hai na... tab risk nahi lete.. we gotta play safe" thus we went to a hotel, had a magnificent dinner, returned home.. and after a while, tasted the packed parantha.. it was REAL bad man.. maaaaan... waise Hyderabad mein aa kar itni baar kat chuka hai.. this was one of the least in its extent!!

anyways.. adios.. gotta sleep..