Monday, 2 February 2009


i want to write about MANY things.. the most important of which is the BITSAA Hyderabad Chapter meet that we attended last Saturday. it was THE place to be.. kinda saw our future selves, as in dunno who all will turn up at such meets.. but i for one will surely be there! it was classic, and i for one am proud of the fact that i'm a BITSian.. it was like a family getting together after loooong, and they certainly seemed interested that we were there even when doing our PS2 and the fact that we're from Goa.. guys, those who dont know it yet... BITS Alumni LOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoVE Goa, were excited to hear ki we're Goans.. asked abt the campus, if they could get help for acco should they visit etc.. well.. i'd go on writing.. but just the gist of it--BITSAA is a biiiiiiiggg family, and i'll proudly be a part of it (officially :P) soon enough! :-)

umm.. rest.. someone told me i should call up a friend, who i am mad at (supposedly!for almost 3 weeks now.. :D ), over the weekend.. but it just so happened, that there was this BITSAA meet on Sat evening (unluckily, we have holiday just the 1st and 3rd Sat!), and Sunday i was with my relatives.. uncle's and aunt's (both mom's second cousins, and they're first cousins of each other).. awesome food i got to eat, after almost 3 weeks!!
was thinking when to call, pondering whether it'd be a good idea to call from a crowded bus, but then realized that we haven't exchanged our new mobile numbers yet.. so.. chillax! ;) back to being angry :P

anyways, chalo.. Monday again, back to work (with pastime embedded in between!)!! \m/

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