Wednesday, 11 February 2009


i have nothing but " :-) " to say for the day.. talked to a dear friend after a long, long time.. felt awesome! words are not the measure of how happy i am right now (hope the sentence is correct.. grammatically! :P).. its just a feeling! :-)

hmm.. btw, me and vandith went to the "69th Nampally Industrial Fair" at Exhibition Ground, Nampally, Hyderabad (ob!).. WHAT a place, WHAT an atmosphere! and WHAT items, i mean food items lol..

first we had, mirchi bhaji, then papdi samosas, then egg puff (paneer, in vandith's case) and finally
1) the "haleem"--we didnt order non veg, it was some veg dish.. dunno how or what it was made of, but it was awesome!
2) the "qurbani"-- it was some sweet--made of dates, honey, and gulkand (too tired to find out the english word for it, if any... and anyways.. as i say.. English ppl dont eat gulkand-which i assume of course!- so there should not be any word for it!)... it was Godlike.. never before has such a small amount of ANY sweet satisfied me to the extent the Qurbani did tonight.. for those who can relish it somehow, PLEASE do asap.. u're missing something in ur lives..!!

and to cap it all, as i mentioned.. got to talk to the friend.. an awesome day indeed!

btw.. while we were at the Exhibition Ground, one thing i noticed--we were outnumbered at least 10 to 1, maybe more, by the so called "minority" people.. not that i am complaining, but it was different, to listen to the Hyderabadi Hindi of theirs (which is not very different from our own Aurangabadi Hindi!), plus all the small small kids wandering about.. btw this reminds me, we had the Candy Floss too!! it was too good..!! after all, we're still kids! ;P
plus.. the women folk, burqua clad, with just the eyes visible to us.. eyes, that were beautiful.. so beautiful we dont even need to see their faces.. wow! as they say... "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"... umm.. not sure how exactly i want to apply this here... waste attempt @ cracking a PJ.. :D (btw, no disrespect meant to anyone here.. and nothing wrong in praising beauty i feel)

BTWWWWWWWWW...jus remembered we went to a "Khadi Gramodyog" shop at the fair, and there was this "head massager" that that guy was begging us to check out.. a man-operated instrument, mechanical, not electrical or electronic.. made of things (dont wanna explain this now!).. he just took it, and said to me.. try this out.. i was like, okay.. then, as soon as the thing touched my head.. all it did was, tickle me like hell! all tickle glands (are there any?!) ke gates were opened, and i was almost uncontrollable.. he did it once more, and i was, well, i wasn't there.. i had to run away and laugh (in the store, uncontrollably!).. OMFG.. one of a kind experience!! (not laughter, but the ticklish feeling!!)
then, vandith said to him... i can control laughter or something of the sort... and after he had the experience... we both went cant-find-a-suitable-adjective-i-am-short-of-them!! ;)

well, even this (along with the Haleem and Qurbani), if u get a chance, do experience... once in a lifetime! just that we were both by ourselves, as in had it been a group, of close friends.. it could've been much, much more fun.. not that we didnt have PHUNNN... but... as they say.. The more the merrier!!

anyways.. gtg.. early @ office tomo! >.<

cheers! to one of the happiest days in recent memory! :D

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