Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The subtle art of ignoring

hello again! lately some of my friends have acquired and mastered, the art of ignoring me.. it is either that, or.. well it has to be that, since it applies to gtalk, calls, SMSs, sometimes e-mails also.. guess what.. it has happened before, ppl not answering my calls etc.. but at least they had the courtesy to at least get back in touch and tell me they were held up in some work.. today the scene is bad.. i call some people, its either "waiting", or unanswered. if i send an SMS, it is either replied late to, or ignored altogether.. dunno why this is happening to me, maybe i fell short somewhere..but now i've decided, i'm not going to try anymore.. let them be busy.. i'll manage.. :)

btw.. i take this opportunity to apologize to all those who were on the receiving end of such atrocities (believe me, it IS atrocious! not being able to get in touch with someone who u're desperately seeking out for, especially those who were your "life" just a few weeks ago--note the usage of the word "were").. i know i've not exactly been the perfect friend.. but hey, there's always room for improvement! :-) love u all... and to think i told the ppl that i mentioned here (in this para) that i'd be busy with those mentioned above (in the first para), for the past dunno how many months.. real bad on my part! :|

but again.. the real close friends, even when not in touch for months together, hit it off as if nothing was between them ever! and thats the best part.. and even discounting a few, i still have enough close friends, to turn to.. and m proud of this fact, altho losing friends is bad.. to hell with it! i think if distance is gonna come between any relationship, be it friendship or anything, then that relationship isnt worth a rat's arse.. ;)

to all my close friends..
lots of love,
KK/Kautya (depending on whether ur from BITS or pre-BITS).

+919052220416-ANY fking time u need me.. and be prepared for the same! :-*

P.S.-u can delete my old number, R.I.P. +919881467798.

u know.. i'm losing touch with one liners, so dont be surprised to find all my blogs to be a bit boring (as if anyone reads this shit except me!), mainly due to short-term attacks of loneliness or due to the tiring schedule.. isnt gonna be at its humorous best for a long time now! and only the company of vandith et al keeps me in check here.. else i'd've been a sea of tears!

well.. off for the time being.. be right back, tomorrow!

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