Thursday, 5 February 2009

Humor amongst ourselves ;)

During our lunch, one of the funniest incidents for days happened today. goes as follows:-

Me and Beti were almost done with lunch, just the banana was left, one for each.. so i was about to take the skin off, and see Beti do the same.. after some 2-3 seconds, it was almost off it, but suddenly, before he could peel it off fully, the banana kinda broke off, from the base- where he was holding on to the fruit..

"beti ka kela toot gaya"-- is what i said, and we went bonkers.. with some 4 people on the same table as us (including 2 girls), we went totally mad.. one of the best one-liners for me in recent times, maybe others wont feel the awesomeness of it, but it was Godlike, in its timing, and the way we laughed, omg!

then again.. we went to our office- well not exactly an office, but a room where along with us both, there's a few others we share it with..

Beti drew 2 Paint drawings, and we were taking snaps using our mobiles, when a co-worker (who's quite senior!) sees us do this and says he'd mail it on our mail IDs.. but since we dont have internet facility @ our comp in office (long story- later), he tried using his account, started typing the username, and one click, and what comes up is this:-

" m2lega@ch**"

u know, it comes na, the usernames which've been typed earlier..

and i was like.. "beti ye tune kya kiya!!!" and that laughter was the hardest we've suffered for a long, long time.. imagine this, and u'd know.. OMFG!
(btw, non-BITSians, plz dont post comments asking explanations--SMS me if necessary. i know my blog is "adult content" but i havent lost all decency!)

btwbtw.. went @ gagan's.. needless to say.. majjjjjaani life :)

chalo.. sleeping.. :)

P.S.--my last blog, i guess it seems out of the blue- impulsive, not thought about.. but no, i've thought about it all a great deal before making it public.. hope point is taken by those who it is intended for... chao!

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Neeraj said...

LOL the crazy world of KK