Tuesday, 27 January 2009


well..today was the first day that we actually were busy at work..and boy o boy did the day start badly! we woke up at 8am (which is like, an eternity considering our usual 8:45am routine!) but only to find there was no water! none, whatsoever, not even in the basins! so we waited for a bit, brushed teeth etc.. one guy had a bath, then i did my "holy offerings"--had to get a bucket filled before i could "release" something without worries ;P

haan.. so, although we woke up earlier than the past few days (working days i mean), it was useless..firstly,it took us quite a while to get a sharing-auto, plus the HEAVY traffic.. uff.. it was damn irritating, just to be at the same point or thereabouts even after 5 mins.. and then suddenly, it went from bad to worse, as one motherfucker of a driver sped past us (in a Black Esteem i think, it was surely Black, not sure if Esteem or not), and although that part of the journey was without many vehicles around, that arsehole HAD to go thru this pothole filled with (dirty, muddy) water.. and a SPLASH! 3 of the passengers in the auto.. shit angry, and barking random swear words at the already gone car.. one guy was totally wasted! Beti's crisply ironed shirt was soiled (lol @ soiled!) and me.. well.. the water "just" helped me with a face wash! we were SO angry, i swear to God, had i been on a bike or something.. i wud've dragged the son of a bitch outside after cornering him some place and at least had a thing or two to say.. but no! i NEVER get a chance to fight! damn! >.<

apart from that.. the day was alright.. office mein had to stay till almost 6pm :O
then it took us i guess 50+ mins to get home.. LOOOONG day innit? ;D

and if this was not enough, we've got some "homework"! gotta study some things and explain it tomorrow! if any mistakes/doubts, they'll be paid attention to, we're told.. hah! anyways.. time to go, read+sleep.. hoping i resume my early morning jogging! yeayy!

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