Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"Its back"!

ahem.. what to say! been thinking about friends (again!) and everything is going on as i'd foreseen.. not many friends are in touch.. i accept, we've already faced a similar situation (at least once) before, when swapping our homes with BITS.. (hope the word is appropriate!) and then again when half the batch went for PS2 in 4-1.. but even then, we had some of our close ones nearby, and there was a feeling, that come what may, we'll talk things through with them.. be it any trivial issue or a major problem.. now, there's very few people to share things with, in person i mean,(dont mean objects), and that too those who dont know much about the goings on in my life, and also the past, for that matter.. and to call someone (even if very close) for small, trivial issues seems childish now (after all, we are working!)

plus, the big task of adjusting with new people (sharing rooms na.. not used to it!) and their habits and all.. some things which are irritating, to bear with them.. try to ignore.. and NOT lose temper.. cuz not many ppl are aware of the fact that i do have a bad one! (a bad temper i mean, duh!)

plus.. as i keep saying.. not much contact with the real close friends, some in campus, some @ PS (leave aside the school friends, we're used to just SMSs/Calls with them) although we knew this would happen.. LIVING it is an altogether different story.. and a sad one! btw.. who's to tell a friend, that please be in touch? the max i can do is, keep calling/sending mails/SMSs..but after a while, when there's no response from the other side, what do we do? even if they're missed, increasingly by the day! and then i get mad, and leave it.. totally.. shut the doors, until they're opened from the other side! guess thats the best way out.. (at least better than telling someone that i'm angry and further spoiling the friendship!) and of course, write a blog on the topic! after all, there's no Punky, Amit to talk this with.. (no disrespect to the other best friends.. but these topics are specifically reserved for those two!)

anyways.. gotta go.. read a few things..


P.S.--i see a reaction, to my prev post i think, "horseshit"... nice! FINALLY, i know that there's someone who's reading what all crap i keep posting! love u mate! :-*

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