Monday, 26 January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire!

The most talked about movie in recent times, and what a watch it was! If a movie's greatness could be measured by the tears shed during the watching part, i guess it would rank among the top 10 that i've seen (which includes many, many movies--- Bollywod and Hollywood).

the first half in particular, was amazing. the way Boyle's picturized India's slums, gives us a feel of the real world. Its the truth, and not an exaggeration. I totally oppose Mr. Amitabh's comments.. Whats true IS true, and no one can change it, sadly! The way they've taken the beggar kids (sorry for the usage) and the asshole who forces them to beg, the WAY he does so.. it was goosebump-ish! :| especially the scene where he puts acid or something in some kid's eye, who has a good voice, just so he could stand the chance of "earning" more money... My God! although we kinda know that these things go on, but to see it, even though on screen, is difficult.. makes u think, about more than a few things..

Most of us keep cribbing about our bad luck.. to the extent, for e.g. a 9 pointer says he/she missed a grade by a few marks, an 8LPA earner says he wished he could earn 10LPA, one who has enough clothes/shoes longs for "just one more" jeans/t-shirt/a pair of Nike!

and then there's these less fortunate kids, who have to roam around asking (begging) for money, most of which probably goes into the fathers' late-night drinking sessions! Why? What's the poor kid's mistake,apart from the misfortune of being born into a beggar family (sorry for the usage!).. that their parents, even tho not self-sufficient, couldn't plan the child-birth (maybe they lacked the basic information! plus, as far as i think, a child born = more ppl to beg i.e. more money for the dad's drinking.. and also, mother+infant get more than just the mother) sorry for being so skeptical.. but thats the way i see things..
well, if the beggars is one case, handicapped people is another.. that too born with some handicap, which saddens me.. why do they have to suffer their whole lives, for no apparent mistake of theirs? and in that, if such a child is born in a well-to-do family, at least they have the resources to cope with the situation.. imagine this child being born in a poor family. what a disaster!

and we say we're unlucky! BOLLOCKS! we're DAMN lucky, just to be born without any medical problem (at least, without any serious problems!) and to be born where we demand things from our parents, rather we CAN demand things from them.. who said God is fair? He clearly isn't!

May God bless the less fortunate.. Amen.

And I for one, certainly hope and pray that sooner rather than later, i could do my bit in helping such children.. and this does not mean giving them money, i'd like to help in a more substantial way.. dont think i need to mention the details here.. na? :-)


mugdha said...

The least we could do, as u’ve said, be grateful for our blessings and we must be… caring parents, loving friends,good health, delicious and sumptuous meals, decent clothes, and what not… aur kya chahiye??

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sagarkatdare said...

we r really lucky ones re...