Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lake Husseinsagar

well, our first outing as such, during PS2 (went out with Beti sometimes, but this was different!)

Saturday!! 5pm we went to Lake Husseinsagar, where there's a BIG food court and then the BIGGG statue of Gautam Buddha! made of one single rock, standing over 60 feet i assume.. i'd visited the place twice before, after my 10th and 12th, but that was during the day... evening, the spotlights and all was awesome! plus the cool breeze! and the presence of (along with Beti) Vandith (the God-photographer ke role mein!) and UC... was fun, but again, couldnt complete the "mission 9" stated in my prev blog..

here's to many more such outings.. cheers..

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