Sunday, 18 January 2009


hmmm.. this comes when there's 100s of people all over the world cribbing about a virus called "piracy"... as far as i think, all such stupid, money-chasing dogs should consider the scenario--there's NO piracy in the world... how many people, do u assume, wud be willing to buy the CDs DVDs etc of their music/movies etc etc...? can they afford it? will the college goers like u and me buy them? its BECAUSE of Piracy that all those people are so famous! why cant they understand this simple fact! what're they gonna do with all the money they accumulate after dying! huh?!!
plus, when someone like Mahesh (/Mukesh) Bhatt comes and says something about Piracy... i feel like whacking that whackjob :P cos, all he does is, copy English movies and take newcomers (actresses) and make them smooch Emraan Hashmi (who i believe is related to the Bhatts!) and we, the people love the Bhatts' movies dont we? :-/ and nowadays even the Music made in India is mostly copied, either from some English track, or some old hindi songs... (referring to all but AR Rehman here... he is God! *BOWS*)

and, as my friend Punky aptly puts it.. Mozart and Beethoven charged something for the music they made? do we PAY money to listen to it?! (here, i'm assuming that no one owns the copyrights for the same!) and if THEY didnt, are these Bands and Celebrities and Directors-Producers better than THEM?! dont they have something called "shame" in their bloods? huh! and anyways, when me and punky are on the same side.. there's no beating us ;)

so... long live Piracy! \m/


Sahaj kadhi said...

i suggest, u and punky start a band, and give free passes to all the people. will you do it if all you earn is via art? piracy is just like that.

KK said...

no.. i dont mean amateurs like me and punky LMAO

well.. my basic point is, when they HAVE enough money already, which they're getting DUE to the publicity caused by piracy--say i download free songs.. and some friends listen to it and go buy an original CD.. aint i actually HELPING them get more money?! ;)

so why buy? :P