Saturday, 17 January 2009

PS2 and Gen Hyderabad stuff..

aho! so here comes the post that has been waiting (in my head) for quite a while now.. ya.. so i will continue from the day i left for pune, i.e. from my last post from it goes (or should it be comes? :P)

ya.. it was the 3rd day of the new year, and i left for pune by the 3pm State Transport bus.. had with me 4 BIG bags, after all i was supposed to leave for hyderabad 4th night, 8pm bus.. in the meantime i had an exam in pune- XAT :D thankfully i had gargi with me, at my center.. so after the exam we went to KFC and ate the Zinger Burger (hope the spelling is right.. LOL!) it was awesome, made all the more tasty by the presence of one of my closest friends (and gossips!!) :) haan.. after that went to the CCD nearby and had our fav Chocolate Fudge Sundae (or was it, Chocolate Truffle Sundae?SO confusing every time) the manner in which we gulped it down, and later the way in which i cleaned the bowl is unmentionable :P anyways... then she had to get back home, i had to go back to my uncle's... so we parted (btw, if i remember correctly, the song that was playing in CCD was, Lambi Judaai... from jannat i hope... it goes like... "chaar dino kaa... saath o rabba... lambi judaaiii, lambi judaai...." which was quite apt for the situation, and gargi's favourite!) :'( was vvvvvvv sad then..and the prospect of meeting Punky and Amit was the only thing that cheered me up later on! :) and altho Amit's meet was for a short while, it was v good.. had already spent with him 3 days, chatting gossiping and all such stuff we love ;) and punky too.. not for long, but we did hv some time to talk, but then suddenly... i came to terms with reality.. that was to be the last time that i saw punky/gargi/amit for months! earlier, i used to think, ki pune mein to milna hi hai.. but that day was very very very sad.. i didnt think i cld survive without them.. and i still think i wont (hence i keep sending waste emails :P).. anyways.. take care mates! :) miss yawl..

8pm-my bus for hyd started from pune (thankfully Am-ameya-one of my oldessssst friends came to see me off, which was a great feeling since i'd asked my parents not to come, plus a good friend's presence is always welcome, more so during sad times), and reached Hyderabad 7am the next day-dont remember much about the night, except that i sent senti msgs to all those who i felt have made my life worth living, and to those, who i felt, was a value addition to my vacation.. some replied, some ignored.. nevertheless, i never think much-say things that i feel..

YO! 7:30am i was at my mosi's place...wasted the day on the net and on phone (i bought a new SIM card 12 days after reaching-utilising 300+ Rs. in the course cos roaming is too fkin expensive wtf!), and came to know that i had to report to the KLK building at 10am (Khan Latif Khan) Tata Teleservices Ltd. (henceforth, TTSL) Office... they said, wait for some time, Ratan Tata's teleconference (11am) or something was on, so most employees were busy (!).. so waiting and waiting and waiting... 1pm they said, go hv lunch... when we returned, 2pm or so they came and said that we had to go to some Voltas thingy... we were like.. what the fuck! we'd been sent to Tata Teleservices, NOT Voltas-and stuff like that.. so we waited.. then they said there's a car arranged, for us to get there (10+ km far).. we said we had to register with our PS2 instructor, who'd also accompany us to see our working place.. then when HE came, car was gone and the Voltas wala VP was busy in some meeting.. so we waited.. and waited.. FINALLY,4pm we left KLK towards Voltas.. Sir talked to the VP there only, so no need to accompany us that far :P

reached at 4:30pm.. sent to another person, who then talked to us, we had to explain that we are BITS(G)ians, that there's a thing called Practice School, and that we're 4th yrites who'll graduate after this 5month internship at TTSL.. (it turned out, the place was Voltas House, from where Voltas was shifted some place else.. TTSL itself.. so our initial fears of being sent to the wrong place turned out to be false!) and because they didnt know anything about PS2, we told them that u should give us projects, officespace,computers,stipend(!) [even we didnt know any details then!] so blah blah blah later.. they said, settle down in Hyd first (finding new house etc) thus, our first "working" (waiting!) day was over!! yeayyy!!

the next day, i.e. 7th, we shifted to a new place.. twas kinda good-main road, bus stop nearby, taking us to our office in 3or 4 Rs. and 15 mins.. but somehow, after just a week there, we shifted to a new place, which is quite far from our office (Rs.15 and 30 mins) but this is TOTALLY AWESOME! plus many BITSGians here, including Vandith the God! :) :)

and then.. 7th onwards, we went to our office regularly, on time, in fact we were the first to get there.. 9am! :O but then.. what we did for the first 7-8 days was... wait.. wait.. and endless wait.. i mean, come on, i know we arent that much into anything but tp, but this was the limit! getting paid for just sitting in A/C.. LOL there's one room, where there were already 5 ppl (thankfully 1 person dsnt show up much) and kinda congested.. somehow we managed to squeeze in the chairs and thus started our PS2-mobile-gaming! LOL! be it Sudoku, Brian Lara's cricket, Micro Pool, u name it, we've played it! LOL! as i said, one person dsnt show up much, so we used his desktop to suit us, but it turned out, the firewall there is GODLIKE.. unbeatable, even to us (KK and MaGNuM, the DC gods!) we cldnt open anything, no proxy sites, no mail clients (gmail,yahoomail,even!) finally Ultrasurf.. even that was useless! :O all hope was gone.. surrendered to our fate.. then checked some news (satyam god giri!).. FINALLY.. 5th day our computer came.. turned out, i had to call 6151 (Help Desk) and get it configured.. that happened on 15th jan.. but in the meanwhile.. we bunked a day (cos had to shift to this new hostel naaaa.. already had called up and told them, at 9am, that we wudnt make it), and one evening, 5:30pm they tell us, get the overview of the work that's being done at TTSL.. an hour later, we get a slight idea.. FINALLY.. today (16th jan) we get SOMETHING to read, some e-books (our projects are core communication, and we're instru! LOL @ PSD, Pilani and TTSL, who specifically asked for Elec and Instru!!) so there's a LOT to catch up on.. btw, my stipend will be a handsome 10k per month, quite a lot more than what i expected :P (m not bragging, sersly) ya.. so the co-workers are like.. thr's this one guy.. who works seriously.. one more girl, who keeps playing Minesweeper (and fails!) and two more (who share a comp) who sometimes have work.. else its jus all of us (except the working guy) wasting time (with me and Beti aka MaGNuM being the most generous with time! sometimes, say twice or thrice a day, we get down and have some free coffee... now THATs what i love!) hmm.. so enough abt work.. anyways, our mentor has told that come Monday, there's gonna be a LOT of work.. (kinda warned i think!) so lookin forward to a hectic few days/weeks/months lets c... the story of my acco.. kinda funny.. lemme explain in detail, as i always do...
as i said,7th Jan got a new place.. which was a 3 seater room, attached toilet-bath..the registration (!) fees was 250/- with the advance being 1000/- and monthly rental being 4000/- so in all, we paid 5250/-... me and Beti had already shifted there.. one more guy was supposed to come, but on 11th, he told us that he'd gotten accommodation from his company! so we tell this to the flat owner.. and he is like... now the rules have changed.. (this was 12th night) now, the advance is 5250/- and rent is 5250/- (rent being per month, per person).. we had assumed that the rent wud be increased.. but the advance increment was outta this world.. so we argued with him for FORTY FIVE mins- 9:00pm to 9:45pm (during which, i lashed out at him and his servant in anger!).. FINALLY, convinced him to give us a few days to arrange for the money.. plus, we'd already decided that we'd leave that place after one month, since it'd be too costly for us.. so we thot.. we'd already paid him 5000/-, which is just about the rent for one month, per person (since the advance is refundable).. so we'd live there for the month, and shift to the place where we are right now... turned out, that ass of a guy wanted money right then.. somhow, we came to the conclusion that since he'd never return our money (this was after interacting with him enough, to know what kind of a person he was) so the problem in front of us was, to MINIMIZE THE LOSSES... so we shifted to this new place, 13th night itself, before he'd bug us for money and get into our heads! LOL... say a loss of about 3k per head... but we thot, had we lived there a lil while longer, he'd definitely hv gotten under our skins, plus the place we are now at, that might hv gotten full... so.. gg @ PS bola, and shifted... btw, details abt the new place:-
5 seater rooms, attached toilet-bath, tv, wifi 24*7, laundry, gym, food---including EVERYTHING this is 4.9k per month per person... plus 1000/- advance (refundable, ob).. now can there be a better deal than this? anyone? (plus, there's all BITSGians, the 5 of us \m/ we rock! this is like a mini hostel!) was the story! ;)

haan.. so the 3rd point was..Man Utd beating Chelsea comprehensively.. dont wanna talk much, cos there's already some non-football stuff i hv in mind... and anyways most of u'd've read the newspapers/websites already... waste of time :P

now, the gen random topics.. yoyo, dont we all love this part!! ;D
some missions we've (me and beti) laid out... here it goes:-
1)watch a telugu movie (accomplished-saw Maska.. twas okay, vandith the translator!)
2)get a new SIM card (accomplished)
3)go to Central and watch some movie (accomplished-saw Rab Ne..... at PVR)
4)hook up with some chick (u know the answer!)
5)go to a disc (again, this, only after mission 4)
6)pick fight with some random road-side "dude" and thrash him--street fight!
7)make a "Satyam" of TTSL (LOL, kidding!)
8)learn Telugu (kinda difficult! altho easier than mission 4 and 5!) :P
9)meet Gagan and Ramya (hopefully this will be done on Sunday the 18th.. its been a fortnight since we got here, but havent met either!this is my indiv mission tho)
10)Beti will teach me CS,DotA,AOC and i will teach him FIFA... (kinda difficult!)
11)host a CS tourney for all my vella office mates! (LOLzzz!)
12)BEAT HIM UP, the son of a bitch, our old flat owner--a certain Mr. Narayan Rao... hope we effin kill him man! (actually, this is the TOP priority!and others, not priority wise..)

yeah babyyy!!! well.. hope this was enough of a read.. :P if not.. tell me, comments mein, so i'll write my next blog even bigger! ;P btw.. this new place totally rocks! :)

assuming the next few weeks should take a lot outta me.. still,
hope to be regular in writing.. the one place where i can express myself :P (except AirTel--if u dont get the joke..plz ask me, i'll explain!)

chao.. take care.. missing all you guys....

P.S.-btw...bangalore walon, i might come down sometime.. will notify in advance-hope v get to meet... and GOA, Waves mein... Pune also once... lets c... priority wise, Pune>Goa>B'lore cos pune mein there's a wedding i GOTTA attend.. and Goa's my home.. and Bangalore has some of my closest friends! (but bangalore ppl can come to Goa also na, during waves! hence the priorities!) oops.. did i forget Aurangabad?! (my hometown!) heh! hopefully my parents will be here once, plus we'll meet at the Wedding in Pune!

also, there's never a moment which dsnt remind me of my friends.. every now and then, some things happen, which i relate so some past events- usually the fun times with friends etc, and i keep missing everyone! why, why do i think so much! :-/ >.<


sagarkatdare said...

satyam gona be gg da !! work ur ass off der...all d best !! meet my sis der if poss..pretty near 2 central..area is banjara hills..will giv u contact soon !! :-*

Maalolan said...


i felt like reading my own blog mine has a similar post :P

nt jst t first day ...atleast a week will go waiting n sleeping ....later it ll b timepassing

happy PSing :)

anuragG said...

godlike post KK.... itni badi post like laise leta hain be ...

rasputin said...

take care bro..have fun in PS, n do work well..miss ya :(

Prachi Bansal said...

hey... nice post..looks like u having fun in ur PS..
me back in coll now...boring place...with all that placement shit and no company turning up..
keep enjoying..and keep bringing these awesome blog posts!!