Friday, 2 January 2009

The Black Hole

was supposed to be posted on the 27th Dec, but thanks to my infinitely supportive Tata IndiCom powered (!) net, am doing so 2nd Jan! :D btw during the time i was in pune (about which a blog shortly!) and BTW Happy New Year to all! :-)

last night, me, Ajinkya and Shreyas went out for dinner..actually everytime all 3 of us are home, AG kaka (ajinkya's dad!) takes us all out, and we eat LOADS of chicken! thats basically the idea, and its been quite a few such outings to date..somehow last night AG kaka was busy (Doctors! and btw, kaka = uncle, marathi mein) so twas jus the 3 of us..ya, so we went, and firstly ordered 3 masala papads and a Chicken Kebab Platter (which was, the waiter told us, enough for 3)..then started the main course.. half BBC (boneless butter chicken!) half chicken maratha and 2 butter rotis this comes and we eat,we all order 4 rotis-2 for them both and 2 for me..after this,they said they'd have rice..during that time, i eat 2 more butter rotis..after they have had half jeera rice, i order 2 more butter rotis..and then half jeera rice for myself..well..all that, and the waiter must be feeling like..."ye kahan se haiwaan aa gaya"! and the cook must think "wonder who's that SOB who's ruining my evening"! the order goes-
ajinkya-3 butter rotis+half the half jeera rice
shreyas-3 butter rotis+half the half jeera rice
me--8 butter rotis+half jeera rice

+ common stuff-chicken kebab platter,half BBT,half chicken maratha+masala papads for each..

so all in all, i'd eaten more than the two of them combined! :O

see...THATS the enormity of the bottomless pit called my stomach..and the best part..when i headed towards the wash basin, shreyas started applauding my effort-after all, rarely do ppl get to see a Legendary Performance like last night's! ;)

and the after effects--3 visits during the day to "The Sacred Place"! LOL but thankfully no indigestion or anything, my system is used to such intakes! \m/

and last night was SUCH a high, SO full was i that i cldnt even begin to think about typing this out! :D
and sadly,some ppl had to bear the brunt of my high state-i.e. comments on someone's blog--i apologize again..i dont think i'd've done that had it been a normal day! :P

btw..about 20 hrs from now..i'll be in Pune for 3 days! meeting all BITSian friends-ps2 returned and ps2 bound! and also the other junta...yoyoy! so the next post, hopefully when i return, else if something spectacular happens from pune (altho i dont think i'd wanna "waste" time typing when my dearest friends will be there in person!)

here's to many more such (tr-)eating escapades and an awesome Pune trip!

P.S.--see..its been SOME time since i wrote about football...and btw i guess my famous line wud turn out to be "in the zone", jus happened to read thru all my prev posts! (THAT jobless!) but sadly, gone are those days...twont be so frequent now, jus highs like last night..never "in the zone"! :'( life sucks!


Neeraj said...

i can imagine you telling all of us about the thing you did in the sacred place as if it was really something sacred and id go 'sheeeeeee...bas kar re b*****' :D

KK said...

lol gotha...actually i AM gonna send u all a mail, about the details of my visit to The Sacred Place...