Friday, 26 December 2008


lately.. i'm like, does pure Good exist at all? all stories we hear all childhood "good defeats bad" etc etc, are they really true? in this day? come ON, how many of us REALLY are always "textbook" good? e.g. not lying, not cheating, not Killing, the list goes on.. but the amount of "bad" that everyone has, makes them who they are. even the great men, almost always have unmentionable incidents about them. things they screwed up! yet we worship them all the same..

plus, how many of us believe the age old notion - "be good to everyone, and good things will happen to you."?? my belief in the same is getting weaker by the day, even when i DO believe the very thought! God help this world! :-/ esp when we SEE all those fkin evil men n women dictate everything all over!


mandark said...

"but the amount of "bad" that everyone has, makes them who they are"


[not (or perhaps am :P) aiming to start up one of our infi arguments over this]


Neeraj said...

Yes I think we all go through that. What I feel is that at this stage, the 'system' should deal us the lesson that righteousness is the virtue it looks for. Unfortunately in a system like ours, most of us at this impressionable age take to oneupmanship and dirty politics and show it off as street-smartness and carry this throughout our lives. Got ahead of myself didnt I?

KK said...

yoyo pro Gotha!
and mango, that is a good statement acc to me :P