Saturday, 3 January 2009

Off i go!

this will most likely be my last post from home.. am leaving for Pune tomo, and for Hyderabad day after.. reaching 8am 5th Jan.. staying at my aunt's for a few days then with friends- PG/Flat whatever seems to be more feasible.. stepping into the unknown- dont know what my work will be, dont know how much i'll get paid! LOL

well, was in Pune for 28th-31st Dec.. left (rather hastily!) 31st 5pm, reached Aurangabad (my hometown!) at 11:00pm.. although i missed the Pune gang a LOT.. i actually got to be among a select few, who have had the opportunity to spend the last day of the year with two TOTALLY different groups, in two different cities.. in Pune were my hostel/campus buddies- my family for the past 3 years.. and at home were my family friends- friends who i've known since i was born (what a day it was!), our moms were classmates during college- THAT old some frnd's frnds-who i meet only for the new yr's-invisible other times! LOL (no offence meant) so the 6 hrs wasted in the bus on the 31st were TOTALLY worth it! plus, after i got to one of my frnd's place here (11 ppl had gathered there for the night!), we played cards all night, jus like last time-- it was like... "see ya again next year, same time-same place!" except for no Sameer (he is FUN!) an addition..anyways..the night was awesome..sadly 5am onwards all ppl were sleepy..i was, but then i am used to it and sleep deprivation dsnt affect me a bit!'s to a great time in Hyderabad! will miss all u guys- and i mean every single one of u! (even those who dont happen to be my blog readers!--shya..what a pity! LOL)

take care..cya around!

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Neeraj said...

Good luck! Hope you do well, hope man united dont win the treble and hope you come back happier..