Tuesday, 2 December 2008


the day i wasted. sleeping. 7am-8pm. hope i don't regret wasting days later in my life, there have been 100s to date, but now is crucial, with the last fortnight of my stay here on campus. btw the day just happened to be World AIDS Day (forgot to mention in the last post!) and also the "smiley moon" day. as soon as i checked my cellphone after waking up, i see 3 SMSes asking me to check the moon out, and 2 asking if i was coming for breakfast and lunch respectively. so i go, brush teeth and freshen up, and call a certain Priti Restaurant, order butter chicken and 8 rotis, and here i am feelin sleepy no more than 5 hrs after waking up from a 13 hr sleep. i mean, doesn't anyone get tired of sleeping? i for one never do. so i watched 2 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and still cant stay awake. hopefully i'll wake up on time for a jog in the morning (which i've missed for the past few days, due to illness)

and yeah, btw today also happens to be the day, 2am French time (i guess) they'll announce the European Footballer of the Year. and thats about it. not much to talk about, with the stomach so full i almost have a pot belly :O


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Pranav said...

same old stry...same old ass...\m/