Sunday, 7 December 2008


lemme start off with the exam that was, Marketing Research. kinda okay, not very bad but could've been better (as is the case with every other test/exam!) came out in like an hour and a half (which is a record by my BPGC standards, since i rarely stay over an hour, if at all) after which we tp-ed as usual near the monginis outlet here. with my closest friends here this Sem. after an hour or so i think, came to my room and DC-ed for a bit...dunno why i was kinda "in the zone" after the paper..not that i phodofied the paper 4-5 hours of talking-talking-talking later..had dinner (and in the meantime, arsenal chelsea and liverpool managed to win their matches wtf!) and came back to room around 11pm..kinda had a feeling that United will play out a dominating, but 0-0 draw against Sunderland tonight, but 90+1' later, Vida \m/ scored a fully deserved winner and thankfully that maintained my cheerful mood deep into the night..well..this might well go on to be a line i most frequently use in the it is..Enough of Football now :P after deviating from the Title (which is Friends, for the forgetful!)...lemme begin..these last few days on campus..our ever-so-hated but beloved campus..u c..i dont love the place, i dont looove Goa (it was good for a few months,boring now) but the friends that i made here, and the Hostel...well..there's a lot i can write about a few people, and at least something that i can say of the lot..and like any journey,there's a few not talking to some people i'd normally have..maybe cos they werent so extrovert but nonetheless..the past 3.5 years could have been much,MUCH better..not to mention my lack of interest in studying, where it hurts to mention that i havent performed my best, havent tried at all-no question of trying hard, and my academics could have been totally different..but i dont regret not studying..maybe i will later in my life, maybe i wont..but the way i've enjoyed my hostel life...its worth it! also, i didnt take active part in any event organising or any sport for that matter (for much of the time!) but that is a different scenario..still..not many regrets..just memories..and memories...and, u guessed right, memories...

soon, there will be friends leaving. in fact, 12 hrs to one of my closest friends here leaves campus.!! :'( dont know how i'll face it (although we have last Sem, goodbyes to the PS going fellas) but this is different...we are leaving our home forever, barring a flying visit for some work or Waves/Quark etc. we wont be calling BPGC as our home anymore, whatever those Farewell speeches say, we arent welcome here anymore (charging us 150 Rs. for a night's stay is so business-minded!) and with no formal convocation ceremony held in BITS, this might well be the last time in my life that i get to see most of the people around me..and those few who i will be in touch with,it will be very scarce..TOTALLY different from the 5 min SMSes and stuff...i reckon we might not talk for weeks..maybe an occasional SMS or an e-mail, but what we have here is like, friends are parts of our lives...and it'd be a hell lot of adjustment we will have to make,and will be at least a few weeks till we get used to not being around our most loved ones...
BUT, this is life..we lose (maybe wrong word!) a few friends, we find new ones and the cycle goes on...many ppl will go to Obama-nation for M.S. etc, many will join the IIMs and many will work..but one thing is common..we will lose quite a lot of friends...maybe i am being a bit too much pessimistic, but yes, we WILL lose friends..lets hope for the best..

wish i could find a cute-si poem or song or something,but i have none...just words of Wisdom by KK.. :P hope that suffices...and hope this was an interesting,albeit a lil boring read..

signing off...truck loads of love to my dear u all, and u know that i'm just a phonecall away if u need me for ANYthing...all the very best to one and all!

P.S.--there's so much i want to write, so much i want to talk to people, so many ppl i wanna say howdy to, wanna say goodbye to...but as they say...well dunno what they say...but i know that u cant get it all..a thing called "life"..... :'(

P.S.2 (ROTFLMAO!)- although i was in a cheerful mood..what with the football and friends and blabbering...this post made me sad, for obvious maybe its lost a bit of the charm my earlier post(s) had... :P and this reminds me...well...nothing.. :D


sagarkatdare said...

seeing ur blog 4 d 1st tym..dint knw abt it(hw come :|)..anyways,,quite "psenti" true 2 d core..

nimit said...

love you too man

and about football this will make you laugh. Here in Delhi i bought chelsea t shirt from my stipend and the very next day it fuckin lost on stamford for the first time.