Monday, 8 December 2008

just a general post this is..cant think of any fitting title as it goes.. :-B

so after seeing one of my closest friends on campus off 5:30pm yesterday (btw..i am quite bad at emoting at the right moment..and later i get too sad and silent, as was the case ystdy..and then straight denial!) Denial rocks babyyy \m/ :P ), i was to face another battle..(yup, an exam!) it was 9-12 as usual, and what with the goodbyes and all..i cldnt study until 9pm or which point i decided to order from Priti Restaurant (which was another funny story..i ordered a Malai Kofta- dunno y din feel like eating non veg!:O - i ordered 7 rotis with it, and when i went to collect the order..there were just 5 rotis there..seems he didnt listen properly-or maybe it was just the usual fast and unclear KK :P) and then played Lamb of God (black label, redneck, blackened the cursed sun, omerta, walk with me in hell, remorse is for the dead-in THAT order,to be precise) LOUD...uber LOUD...which finally got me to forget (kindof..not forget exactly tho) the sad incident and at least shift my attention towards other things..after i had a bit from the text, then Kislay (a.k.a. maxxx) came up and tought me a LOT which was awesome..that way i got more time to pass on DC :D and a night-out later..i was in the exam hall..and surprisingly sat there and wrote for 2:15 out of the 3 hrs available! :O (which is a record by far i'm sure!) and as always..the paper cld have been better but ya,this time i DID work for it (had to save my arse!) and maxxx helped a LOT :-*

and is usual with me lately..."in the zone" babbbyyyy! ;) met friends soon after coming out of the exam hall..went lunch (where i dared to take panga with u-(maybe, dont-)knw-who! :O lol) and then punky n i went off to nescafe-library...that was the past 21 hrs as it PS2 results awaited now..dunno what i'll get-it wont be all that great i know, at least hope i get a good place, unlike my PS1 in Bhilai...don wanna waste 5 months at a bad place :-|

and soon..i'll be off to Vasco for dinner wit one o my mates..yoyo m sure we'll have fun! ;) what with him msging half the world from there and laughing the way he does, NO doubt it'll be awesome!

BTW...kuch log hain, jinho ne socha ki iss Sem koi course nahi lete hain..mast maje karenge jab log padh rahe honge...aise logon ke liye mera ek paigaam hai--"kahan kahan se aa jate hain..." aap se pehle to hum free ho gaye-3 exams!! \m/ (hope this makes up for not laughing at u spontaneously while having lunch... :P) (btw..wasnt that too much of Hindi?! use karna padta hai..delhi ke logon ke liye ;) lol)

btw punky Don is still finishing his app-ing..hope he does finish it soon so we get to go out and all more freq (not like time's on our side right now..but he has to do it also...i understand completely! and we still manage to hang out a LOT, which is why maybe his apping is getting so delayed...sorry Punky!:-) )

and what thing which might surprise you is that i havent even STARTED talkin abt football (which is an irony, cos now i AM football-ing all over again!).. :O Maradona "The God" is in town (i.e.Kolkata ob)...which reminds me..i cant understand WHY all the all-time greats have to ASSERT that "i was the best" etc every now and then...e.g. Pele- "no one has scored 1000+ career goals..but Pele yes, i do believe pele is the best ever" (that was ACTually his statement once!) (and btw now Romario also has 1000+ goals so stfu!) and with maradona...acc to me he was one of the best-right up there with pele, george best, dennis law, bobby charlton, cantona, zidane, ronaldo (not Cristiano!) etc etc..but his off field escapades are a BIG blot..or so they say..WHO cares if he did drugs or fked trans-sexuals or anything..ALL that matters is his achievements when he was THE maradona..who single handedly (actually the hand of God was also involved!) raped England in "that" WC '86 QF match..."the goal of the century" and obv the hand of God goal... :-/ anyways..same applies to a certain Mr.Shane Warne..dont get me started on how i hate "Chuck"aih Muralidaran(whatever the spelling)...well...the whole point of bringing up the "legends" here i feel like one..dunno why..but my mood a while ago was such, that i could have taken on anyone and ripped him/her apart...with comments and all overflowing OMFG who knows what levels i cld've reached...( u c...even the legend KK needs to assert that he's one! )

anyways...m in the CC (computer center,duh) now and i hope punky is gettin bugged better go there and havent slept all night+exam+sagar's SWD work...TOO much to do for a single (pun intended!) man...hope i am not too addicted to blogging... :P


PS-now THIS feels like "adult content" dsnt it..hence the warning earlier... :P

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