Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The last exam in my BPGC life got over yesterday. And i'd assumed that i'd feel a lot more relieved, should i say, but today there's no sign of anything. its like nothing's changed in my life..except the part that there wont be a thought somewhere in the back of my mind (albeit quite deep inside, maybe hidden or lost) that i'd have to study sometime, to skip sleep for i've wasted the day with friends-chatting, or on the DC chats. but NO. nothing. (maybe its cos i havent changed much w.r.t. exams..m the same come exams or no exams) and now in fact, looking back on the past few days, they've been much better..cos now there's no escaping from the sad thoughts of parting ways with hostel mates etc etc..(i understand i've been writing abt friends/goodbyes a LOT lately, but thats eXactly whats eating up much of my time lately.and i bet that'd apply to most who're in my position) and now its like, everytime i hang out with a particular person/group..i think that this might actually be one of the last times we might actually get to go here, visit this place, eat at a particular restaurant etc etc. and suddenly there's a gloomy touch to my life. in a few days, i'd have to pack stuff up (and send home by courier!) and in fact this time next week i'd have bid adieu to my beloved hostel.God knows how the next few days will turn out to be, what with all the sentiments flying around everywhere.everyone i know (mind you, thats a LOT of ppl!) is like, KK when leaving yaar..we'll miss u, and stuff..hope i do get to say my goodbyes to all, and find the right words/actions in that regard. and there will be a LOT of ppl who i'll miss a lil..and a lil bunch of em who i'll miss a LOT. lets c..as far as i'm concerned..this is all i'm gonna be posting about for the next few days..

plus there's the added pressure (!) of actually getting myself to talk to some ppl..say (and also hear ppl out! :P) things that i've wanted to for a while now. but its not easy.. its not like i "own" em all, unlike my closest friends..and getting hold of ppl for even an hour (as in,we might get to spend 5 hrs as a group but not mano-a-mano) seems difficult what with everyone wanting to utilise their last few days to the best, spending time with the ones who they r close to.. but i think ppl must at least should be willing to giving it a shot-ya i can understand that i'm not best friends with everyone,but dont make me regret the fact that its only now that i've gotten to know a few ppl... :D maybe i'll hv to take resort to e-mails later..chuck.hungry now (7:30am breakfast time!)


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Neeraj said...

be strong darling :)