Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Mask (or the absence of him)

today was SO bad..after the highs of the past few days..damn! i hadnt slept for like 32 or so hours, so slept at 12:30 am (last night) (which is VERY early!) but sadly somehow managed to wake up at 5:30am (see..exams over, and NOW finally i learn how to wake up early, with NOTHING to do at all!)...finally..went to breakfast (as i mentioned in my earlier post!)..but twas a strange feeling. didnt feel like being with someone, wanted to be alone (lonely?! LOL) so came back after eating. saw boston legal.was SO damn bored and lonely (yep!) that i fell asleep..woke up at 7pm :D went to play badminton, played BAAAAD and lost..which worsened my mood..then went to have dinner..sat alone, but some sweet junr gals joined..hehe..chatted wit em for a bit, went to collect the BITSAA (BITS Alumni Association) t-shirt but there was a LONG queue so went off..(didnt feel like being around ppl,remember?!) so went and lay down in frontta the lib..alone..zavshea (LMAO!) came asked me whats the matter..didnt feel like bothering him though ;) so told him its okay (and anyways..why make ppl sad!if u cant make ppl happy,at least avoid the sadness..) so he went and i lay for a bit more...finally when there was no noise comin frm there, went took my BITSAA t-shirt..
baad mein..i get a call frm one frnd..askin me to come near her hostel..when i went..i had a chocolate pastry to eat (cho chweeet...!)!!! which made my day (rather night!)...feelin kinda okay now..actually feelin a lot better , which made me write this post..see...such gestures make ppl believe in friendship (hey..m not writing this cos i want all my frnds to gimme pastries-altho that'd be AWE-S-O-M-E!hahah!) and btw...our PS2 results STILL awaited..hope i get some good city..eager to know the results, to know where i'm gonna spend 5 months of my life..hope its with some friends, if not all...sleeping..hopefully jog at 6am tomo (which is in like 3 hrs!) :O


P.S.-today was i guess one of those days, i was visibly sad...hope i didnt spread it.. :X hopefully i will learn to mask it better now on... B-)
plus...dunno why...but they had opened all rooms on my floor (those rooms where all my beloved frnds used to live a few months ago, but are now doin their PS2...when i went inside was HORRIBLE...empty rooms...but filled with memories...what an irony!! makes me sad even writing abt this... :'( missing u guys... :-*

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