Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Death i was busy performing the most sacred task in a human's life (which is OB shitting/potty etc etc whatever u prefer..), i saw an insect..which was dead..but turned upside down...and as is the case with the toilet, things come to ur mind often, and often they consist of stuff which u normally dont come up with...ya, so i thought...why r insects always turned upside down when dead?? i mean, they dont possibly have the energy left to physically turn their bodies (at least i hv come to the conclusion that they dont, come ON,they're about to Die..!)so i thought..assume they die in the normal way,feet on ground...but what turns them over?surely not the could easily hv carried the dead insect far away..but it lay inside a stinky wind is out of i thought...maybe some "supernatural" power does exist, which flips them over... :O cos as far as my observation goes, ALL dead insects that i've seen are upside down...strange, isnt it?? this is nature.. welcome :-)



sagarkatdare said...

gud observation...(jobless 1).. :D :D

Blogging Ibex said...

hilarious!!...I guess,insects prefer turning upside down while they die, coz they wish to have done at least 1 good thing in their lives..i mean,the poor creature provided you with something interesting to write about!

Neeraj said...

shear non sense!!