Friday, 19 December 2008

Home sweet(?!) Home :)

its been 60 hrs since i got home (actually 15 mins less!) but yeah, i still havent gotten over the fact that its NEVER gonna be the same again, no hostel-no friends-no coffees-no walks-no over-sleeping,nothing. but life goes on, yeah, thats what they all tell me, but its easier said than done. and here back home, my daadi is ill, admitted to a hospital (NO,not my parents' hospital!) so my uncle-aunt and another uncle and aunt and cousin(s) are here..pretty much tensed it was, now okay-granny and the atmosphere here-both. and this time no Mood Indigo for me!! first of all they keep the Main Event on the First Day, which i SURELY cant attend, that leaves me no motivation to go all the way there just for Sonu Nigam or Indian Ocean..waste of time and money, although i still rue the fact that i wont be able to meet my friends there :'( and yeah, there still is Pune where we all can met up so yoyoyoyo :P

i've never been in a gloomy mood for as long as i can remember..hope it all gets better soon and i am back to my cheerful best! ;) and there's still Hyderabad to think about-where will i live, with whom, where will i eat etc etc.. (hell, i STILL dont know much much they're gonna pay me!) heheh lets c..chalo goin for dinner...keep in touch people!! :)

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