Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Part I- Arrange Marriage:
Well, another random topic to write about! Of all things, Arrange Marriage is what I came up with, cuz my (elder, ob!) cousin is lookin for a match (or whatever they call it) and its been a few months since the process has been going on.. he lives in Ahmedabad, around 15 hrs from my place (Aurangabad) (incidentally, both are A’bad!) and comes here or to his native Solapur (further 8 or so hrs from here!) or Pune. His parents have to network all over the place to find a suitable match, and then they exchange the “kundalis” and if a match, then they proceed where my family (uncle, aunt, bro himself, granny, mum-dad if and when possible) visits the hopefully-bride-to-be’s place and hold talks, like in the movies.. now in this time and age, how difficult it must be, first of all to FIND a match after the kundali matching and all, then actually getting leaves from work for all concerned, not to mention the travelling! :O all said and done, it may turn out to be fruitless, for which there may be various reasons, and thinking about “why” a particular match didn’t turn out to be THE one-finding the reasons is another interesting story!
First of all, the very concept of Arrange Marriage seems obsolete to me, especially in such modern times. WHO has the time to go through the aforementioned procedure, and then when successful in finding (and marrying!) someone almost completely unknown, try and adjust living lives together! I reckon most of the couples must be finding it hard to adjust for the first few months at least, getting to know each others’ habits and all (even if mentioned earlier, LIVING together is an altogether different challenge!) plus the work! Phew..
Btw, no worries..my mom has “told” me (and I agreed too!) that I shouldn’t be making them do these things in a few yrs’ time, that I’d play matchmaker myself and find a “suitable” “Bahu” for them! Well, I certainly hope (and pray!) that I do succeed, and now I know the consequences of failure (arrange marriage!)..plus, in say 28 yrs of my life (I am 21 now) there’s a GOOD chance that I might come across someone, who’ll hopefully turn out to be “THE one”! ;P so ya, I’m happy that time’s on my side right now :D
WHAT has gotten into me tonight! (hoping to get some cheesy comments, esp from my guy-friends! E.g. kya despo ho gaya sala etc etc)

Part II- Pune trip(!):
Sunday, 21st I was in Pune to give the SNAP (Symbiosis ka MBA entrance exam), dunno why I did, cuz I hadn’t (/haven’t) prepared a BIT for entrance exams for this Season, maybe next Season is gonna be mine! Someone told me thode exams dede, next year faayda hoga (LOL!), so SNAP and XAT ke forms bhar diye maine! :P haan, so the exam was okayish, and anyways I’m not expecting great things this time!
After the exam, me, Punky and Gargi had dinner together, which turned out to be one of my more happy moments lately! With all the daadi beemar situation, plus the sorrow of leaving campus, I’ve been a bit un-KK-ish these past 5-6 days..so when I was with punky n gargi, twas SO awesome omg! Cant express in words.. although a few friends were missed, for me, meeting them both was like winning the US of A Presidency! SOOOOOO transformed is my mood since, that even today (Monday) I was the usual KK we all know-cheerful, joking, laughing out loud (LOL-ing!) etc etc and yeah, also Blogging! ;) although this post was supposed to be posted last night, but I was in the bus travelling! :’( (and guess what, I DIDN’T have non-veg dishes for dinner, but still, that Bus walla driver managed to “give” me an indigestion!)
Now I’ll be in Pune again, inside a week! Wow, lookin forward to that trip- will get to meet SO many friends! Esp Amit-who I haven’t met for the past 5-6 months! :O and there’s a few others who I’ve met but haven’t “talked” talked ;) for a long time..and anyhow, I always have MANY things to talk about-including my things this time ;) ;)
PRAYING all Mumbai friends can make it to Pune, my Dad has still not agreed to my Pune trip, so Mumbai trip NO CHANCE! (he will eventually agree to the pune trip I’m hoping! But Mumbai is OUT of the equation straight away---SO SO SO sorry mumbaikars (and thanekars :P) !)

Part III- Relationships:
This is NOT about couples relationships, as u all might be tempted to think! (come ON guys, THAT despo I seem kya?!)
Hmm..lately, I’m seeing the world with different eyes (No, no eye transplant here, sorry!), like a grown up (!)..at least sometimes, when I need to, in not-so-funny situations..what got me writing about it is, no matter HOW well u think u know someone, HOW close u think u r to someone, HOW good ur relationship has been- maybe friendship, brother sister etc etc..the ONLY time u show ur true colors is when crisis strikes! I hope and pray no one experiences this, but yeah as far as I think this is true, and I hope that some of u at least agree with me.. say for e.g. Pakistan..all this while the Bureaucrats have been saying good things, but when Mumbai 26/11 happened, NOW we get to see that this new govt is NO better than all the previous ones, if not worse! The same applies to human relationships..try and associate this to any known crisis u’ve been thru/heard of-be it a family tragedy (in my case, illness) or anything..u always notice that there’s 1000 times more ppl around u when there’s a good thing happening, wonder where they all disappear later when their presence is truly required! And I’m kinda hoping that I do manage to find good relations everywhere (friends, bro-sis,uncles-aunts etc etc!)-ppl who’d stay with me thru thick and thin come what may! And I WILL be there for most of u should need be I assure u that :))

On that note..Chao!
Nice blogging this long after so long! :P

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kya despo ho gaya sala!

No seriously, the whole arrange marriage concept sucks.