Monday, 15 December 2008


for once, i'll actually name a few ppl from campus who i will truly miss:-

punky (aniket) [all those talks in ur room, the coffees/teas at nescafe, the badminton, etc etc!)
zavshi (sachin) [my partner in every vellagiri i can imagine..IC mein parantha,juice,zebra pastry :-~~ )
taklya (tejas) [the squeaky voice, and the almost bald head-no offence man!)
samya (sameer a.k.a. sunil karambale :P ) [my buddy since 1st Sem...!the one liners!]
tai (gargi)
nalini (nallu non) rotfl
-umm?- (ramya)

--thts t famous G'n'R trio i always talk about :P [all the outings,the talks,the walks,the jogs(in nalini's case),the breakfasts,the lunches,the snacks-es(!),the dinners]

madhav+nandu+pralav+popat (that is, madhav,abhinand,pralav,prashant!)

madhura [Why sso seriousss, Son?!]
saniya [the poking!]
-collectively, the Saniya-Madhura show!!! \m/

abha [the Dombivli marriage! LMAO and the money which saved our lives in our last days in Goa!]
--thats the junior (3rd yr) trio, the sweet junior gals i write about..

adithya rao and sohini manna--2 of my most fav ppl on campus! :-) [the Fights!and the "abbey" and the "hehehhehheeeehheheee"]
JD (jaydeep) PD (pooja) Chachi (nikita) --- the 2nd yrites.. [SO much phhuunnn over coffee after dinner!]

and of course..the ones who did PS2 1st Sem:-
Amit [the best!]
Amogh [budbud ;) and all priti dinners Coupling ke sath!]
Shabya (Rohan) [my carrom buddy!]
Dyno (dnyanesh) [badminton God,gaming God!]
gotha (neeraj) [Football,shiii,philosophy when u-know-what :P]
wagya (sagar) [my neighbor for 3.5 yrs!]

a few more...Sowmya,gagan,vandith,bandya,gadgil,chafya,pj,mango,ganya,bapu,bodas,all DC mates most of whose real names i dont even know,......... (plz dont make me enlist all...thats too much of an ask!) if u feel i've left u out and u deserve to be here...plz mention so in the comments..i'll add :D

here's wishing u all,only the very best, and nothing less.. thanks for all the memories..wish i could find u all some nice nice gifts (:D) but i suck at finding gifts, and i have my words instead... ;) hope to remain in touch with u all...take u lots..


Neeraj said...

wow thats a huge list..
whats the madhura-joker connection?
and btw im gotha :D

Pranav said...

biatch doesnt miss me...

abhishek said...


raj Thackeray ke supporter sale :P

abhishek said...

corridor ke kissi ko yad nahi kiya tune... amogh sagar ko chd ke :(

KK said...

oh damn..altho i am NOT a raj supporter..and i did mention our corridor once, when i said that all ur rooms were open one night and it was SO "p"senti na..memories!

sorry forgot to mention THE Corridor Friends in this post...missed u all a LOT, cos there was NO one living near my room, 10 feet either side! so had sumthin happened to me, God knows kya ho jata!

KK said...

arey.. last Sem.. whenever i felt that madhura was sad/had too much on her mind... (intuition, not that i always knew what was the matter) i used to say to her... "why sso seriousss....?" The Dark Knight style :D