Saturday, 13 December 2008

Late ho gaya :P

hv been planning to post for 2 days time, with all friends leaving and stuff..more abt it later..

things that i wanted to post on 12th morning--i dozed off for abt 10 mins i think, and saw Boston Legal in my dream...all its characters, who're lawyers, were speaking dialogues of the Prison Break characters, in the lawyers' manner...twas fun! hilarious actually! ;)

and then we went to see off sum of my frnds at madgaon rly station..Crazy it was..more abt it later (if at all..)

then on the 13th went to panjim and later see of a frnd and hv sad it is to go to a rly station :( that i decided not to go for anyone later...

today,14th Dec..saw off 3 of my bestest frnds..and the sweet junior gals (abt whom i'd mentioned earlier!)...the single saddest day of my BITS life yet.the hostel seems haunted, the campus seems lights,no people around..i one is SO used to being without ppl around..close frnds at that..

btw i've bought a 500GB external HDD, so filling it with stuff has taken my mind off all the sad thoughts..there's a LOT of packing to be done..3.5 yrs worth of stuff to be packed and sent home in jus over a day..pretty difficult,isnt it!yup..

now for the past few days..everytime i go anywhere...memories that almost all my friends have gone home..dont feel like staying in Goa for a single minute..hope this day goes by like a hurricane.. :P

hoping that the next post will be whn i reach home... :D

btw..not sure if i've mentioned.. PS2 @ Tata Teleservices, Hyderabad..could've been a LOT worst..but Pune or Bangalore wud hv been awe-fkin-some! nevertheless..m happy with what i least a metro and overnight to bangalore :D


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