Thursday, 22 January 2009


hmm.. since Vandith's mom's in town, he went to his uncle's to meet her, and came back only at 11pm or so.. said for the past half an hour or so he was thinking abt what to write in his blog.. then added he might just write one on writing blogs.. as in "How to write blogs" or something.. dunno abt him, but it spurred my thought process (ob, while i was atop the Western Style--toilet,i mean!) and hence this post..

hmm.. where do i start!
Why do we write blogs? to reveal all our secrets? to tell the whole world what we're thinking and doing (and i mean the truth, some sensible stuff-not utter Bullcrap, precisely what we're thinking or doing!) now who'd be that stupid? making public THE stuff that's really close to self? i'll just say, as far as my thinking goes.. people write blogs cuz then their friends would check the posts out, maybe comment on a few (rarely in my case! :P) and thats it.. its all just a waste of time.. totally! had it not been for the jobless people reading others' blogs, who do you think would have gone on writing the big big posts?! its all advertising/marketing whatever (still cant tell the difference.. >.< ) and u know what.. i have been thinking on these lines since the beginning.. but they all sucked me into this.. writing and all.. i know i suck at it, but yet i go on.. why? cuz i want my friends to know whats going on in my life-the events and the thoughts.. at least the not-so-relevant stuff.. but how many, do u reckon, know the REAL stuff that's bugging me? lemme tell u.. i can count those ppl on a dog's toes-maybe with some spare ones! peer pressure, and i fell for it! now i'm addicted! :D
and yet, all u do is read on... and on... even if i type "rhethrymjetujt" i suppose there'll be at least one jobless fella who'd comment on it.. na?

btw.. i'd hoped this week we'd be started with our projects.. but no, they're TOO busy for Interns.. gave us e-books and we're just waiting and waiting... and waiting! sometimes catching up on the sleep (gotta wake up early, remember!) sometimes gaming (mobile gaming or Pinball/Solitaire/Hearts) but yeah.. as expected, ps2 IS actually bridging the gap between college and work-at college we had no work, and at work, there sometimes is a thing or two to do.. so, a good first step into the "real world"... and as far as i see, the employees there are just as jobless as we are.... okay, a bit less, but mind u, they're in contention for the "who's the most jobless" award! ;)
anyways.. 1:40am and its been 2 successive nights of just 4 hrs sleep.. so gotta go.. bbye..

btw.. i dont think i'm gonna advertise my blog anymore (except when i think i've written exceptionally well--so u can expect the status to be my blogspot address frequently! :P) (such a hypocrite i am na, yeah i know)

mahshallah.. subhanallah! aadaab.. aadaab...


P.S.-check the label for this post! ;)

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