Monday, 19 January 2009


hello again! not more than an hour has passed since my last post, but here's one more.. :D

how do we tell someone how much he/she means to us? do we give lavish gifts? do we say good good things, sweet sweet things? do we talk every day? for hours and hours together? or maybe SMS? HOW do u convey such simple a msg, to XYZ--"u mean a lot to me..."?! just simply saying it out loud many times, is that a wise thing to do? i doubt..

thinking abt this cos.. apart from my immediate family.. some of my friends mean the world to me, and they know it.. even if we dont meet for 4-5 months, even if NO contact for that period, we hit it off like we'd never been apart! :)

and i'd like to know, how many ppl, who i think mean a lot to me, actually reciprocate that feeling? and since i dont know the "signals" as such, m confused.. whether to value em as much, or simply to let go.. lets c.. only time will tell.. :)

anyways.. gotta sleep now.. almost 1am, and a hectic week ahead.. Gawd, how i hate Mondays! (esp after a 2 day break!)

BTW, as i type.. my roomie is snoring SO loudly omfg... this has been going on for the past 4-5 nights.. and we've had quite a few infectious laughs.. but man.. he snores in a comical manner.. one night, it was like he's riding a bike! (and while he was snoring in that fashion, i was busy acting like i was the bike rider, and we laughed SO much omfg!)

plus, sometimes there's the occasional "bomb", if u know what i mean... (to the blessed souls, i'm referring to a LOUD fart!) hahahahah ROTFLMAO it is... shifting the sleeping posture so as to facilitate a loud fart! lolz!

chalo.. gn!


NAL'I'n'I' said...

oye write something new now!! i am bored and want something new to read :)

KK said...

Sure, Roger! :-)

btw.. sometimes, when i start thinking too much... and when there's Free Internet available, that too WiFi, posts like these are born (born?!)...